Still There Is Love

(1Cor. 13:8, 13)

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How can I discern all that I must learn?
How can explain things that were ordained?
The starry sky extends beyond the thoughts of man.
It makes realize how small in fact I am.
Still there is love.

Where in all of time is a place that’s mine?
Where in all the earth can I find my worth?
The things I own will someday wash into the sea.
The things that are must cease and will no longer be.
Still there is love.

[Where will I find light in the coming night?
Where will I find rest in the time of test?
The trials we have sometimes seem more than we can bear.
The dreams we have will often vanish in thin air.
Still there is love.]

When the earth is gone eternity will dawn.
Pleasures once enjoyed melt into the void
The works of man will fade into the endless night.
The visions of humanity pass out of sight.
Still there is love

Words & music – G. Thompson
© Copyright 1975. All rights reserved.