Organic Legal Documents

Fundamental legal documents in English and American history
(in chronological order)


Magna Carta (1215)

Confirmatio Cartarum (1297)

First Charter of Virginia (1606)

The Mayflower Compact (1620)

Ordinances for Virginia (1621)

Petition of Right (1628)

Charter of Massachusetts Bay (1629)
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Charter of Maryland (1632)

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)
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Abolition of Star Chamber (1641)

Massachusetts Body of Liberties (1641)

Charter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (1663)

Concessions and Agreements of West New Jersey (1677)

Habeas Corpus Act (1679)

Frame of Government of Pennsylvania (1682)

English Bill of Rights (1689)

Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges (1701)

Treaty (Act) of Union (1707)

Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress (1765)

Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress (1774)

Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms (1775)

Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776)

Declaration of Independence (1776)

Pennsylvania Declaration of Rights (1776)

Delaware Declaration of Rights (1776)

Maryland Declaration of Rights (1776)

North Carolina Declaration of Rights (1776)

Vermont Declaration of Rights (1777)

Massachusetts Declaration of Rights (1780)

Articles of Confederation (1781)

New Hampshire Bill of Rights (1784)

Northwest Ordinance (1787)

U.S. Constitution (1787) [with Amendments to date]

The Act of Union (40 Geo. III c. 67) (1800)