The Federal Government: To Alter or To Abolish?


Part 1:  What Can We Do Now Our Freedom Is Taken?

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Ask yourself “What can we do now that our freedom is taken?” “Taken?” you say, “by whom?” Friend, it has been taken by the federal government of the United States. That government was created by the People to guarantee our freedom. It was created to be our servant. That government is now our master. It only exists because the People created it. It will cease to exist only if the People abolish it by law. Its abolition is necessary if we are to be free once again.

Perhaps you have not noticed the federal government is now our master and we its servant? How could you have missed it? It does what it wants, when it wants, how it wants at home and abroad. It tramples down our freedoms in the name of “national security.” It lies. It spies. It deceives. It makes a mockery of law. It bullies, threatens and then makes war upon the nations. The Constitution’s limitations mean nothing to it. The Declaration of Independence means nothing either. The federal government has already criminalized the enjoyment of many of our God-given unalienable rights. It fears neither God, nor the People. How foolish it is. How dangerous it has become. It is now the greatest threat to recovery of our freedom, and the opportunity for our children to live in a free society. It is out of control. It has turned the sword upon us, our rights, our property, our money and wealth, and upon the nations of the earth. It is wise in doing evil.

How can this be? We have been told that far right wing extremist ideas are a threat to democracy at home. We are lectured that conservative political activism is a threat. We face an ongoing purge of average Americans that value freedom. They have lost jobs and been put on government lists. We are browbeaten by the media that freedom of speech is too dangerous to allow. We are bullied to believe that our safety requires Americans must be censored, shamed and prosecuted for expressing thoughts about freedom, about truth, about public health, and about God Almighty and His law.

Now only have we been indoctrinated about threats within, but also threats abroad have been used to curtail the exercise of our once great American liberties,. We are officially alerted at various diverting intervals, that this or that nation of the earth is about to threaten us, or “could” threaten us, or may one day very soon have the technological ability to conceivably threaten us. We have been told that Russia controls our elections and is a permanent enemy. We are told China has infiltrated our ranks and that war with other nations is needed to protect us.

But are these the real danger? What simpletons we Americans have become. The federal military, industrial and state security cartel have been unleashed to search for “monsters to destroy” both here and abroad. They are aided by the media, funded through the massive federal budget and are accountable to no one. This establishment controls the levers of federal power. Politicians who do not understand this, no longer remain in office. This establishment spreads fear at home and war abroad. Their covert programs of terror, regime change and great patriotic wars are profitable. They make war upon the nations of the earth, rather than holding “forth to them the hand of honest friendship, of equal freedom, of generous reciprocity [and] the language of equal liberty, of equal justice, and of equal rights.”1

The Bible refers to the One who shall come one day with a sharp sword, striking down the nations, and ruling them with a rod of iron. It says “He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.” (Revelation 19:15-16). But that One, despite the weary droning of public officials and talk show hosts about the current military and moral superiority of the United States, is not the federal establishment, the President of the United States, or the government’s covert organs. If the federal government still exists on that day, it too will be struck down with that sword and then ruled by that rod. But that is a topic for another time. Let us now examine how the federal government has become so skilled and wise in doing evil.


The government’s “watch list” of threats to our freedom and “our way of life” is almost endless. On that list are Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and any other nation of the earth yet to be invaded. No county left behind. It’s the new cold war started by the United States and justified by arrogance and hubris, not actual threats to American soil. Also on that list are other dangerous elements: any person that has used the internet or a cellular telephone, visited a doctor or dentist, or received a governmental benefit. We must be watched and monitored. But the true culprit, however, is missing from that “watch list.” The federal government and its minion agencies have become the greatest threat to peace abroad and freedom at home.

Oh, but it can’t happen here? “Our own government would never oppress us. That is what happened in the Soviet Union” you say. Yes, it is what happened there. For instance, if you lived in the Soviet Union and in 1934 you stood up and declared that “the greatest threat to peace abroad and freedom at home is the Soviet government,” you would have been found guilty under Article 58-7 of the Soviet Penal code. That “law” criminalized “Undermining of state industry, transport, monetary circulation or credit system, as well as of cooperative societies and organizations, with counter-revolutionary purpose (as defined by 58-1) by means of the corresponding usage of the state institutions, as well as by opposing their normal functioning.” You would be a “wrecker.” Your freedom of speech and the press is wrecking and undermining the “normal functioning” of the Soviet government. You would have been on the watch list, then prosecuted and sent to the Gulag for at least 10 years (if you lived that long).

At least here in America, you are only “on the watch list” but not prosecuted, for the time being. Some things are different. The penal statute number has changed. It’s written in English, not Russian. It’s not Article 56, it’s 18 U.S.C. § 2385. It’s not wrecking and undermining which triggers prosecution, prison and death. The American crime, comrade, is advising others of the desirability of destroying the government of the United States by force or violence. Advocating the assassination of any officer of the government also triggers prosecution. You can go to jail for that. But when the federal government does the same thing in regard to foreign nations it is called protecting “national security.” It’s just fine and dandy for the United States government to openly and covertly abet, advocate and carry out by force and violence, the obstruction or overthrow of any other civil government in the world which it declares is necessary in the interest of American “national security.”

The Presidents have even claimed the right to assassinate foreigners as well as American citizens without the bothersome need for Constitutionally guaranteed due process or a trial.2 The Sixth Amendment is dead when the Executive branch says so. In fact, when officials of the government in Washington, D.C. advocate such lawless violence, it is often packaged as a campaign promise, not a federal crime. Federal public candidates and officials hope to be elected or reelected precisely because they promise to destabilize or destroy other governments in the name of “national security” or, through plausibly deniable operatives, undermine or assassinate their leaders. If you or I even peep about our federal government or officials in that way, however, it is a 20 year felony. The campaign message is clear: “Contribute money to me and elect me to undermine foreign governments and kill their leaders, but I will imprison you if you even talk that way about me or this government.” Our lives are fragile under this government. Do not be so gullible to believe that a man or government who enjoys great and de-facto unlimited civil power will not also use it, simply because he speaks English, rather than Russian.


Yet, we should not turn to or advocate force or violence as a means to alter or abolish the government of the United States or any State. We reject destroying the government. We reject assassination. There is a remedy more effective and longer lasting than replicating the violence and murder practiced by Washington. The remedy is found in the law itself. Reliance on the law is the means by which our freedoms will be recovered. The law provides us with the right to alter or abolish the federal government. This is our right under the Laws of Nature. It is our right and duty under the Declaration of Independence. It is also an additional right under Article V of the United States Constitution. If any judge, public official or appointee of the United States says otherwise – that the People do not have a God-given right to alter or abolish the federal government or the government of any State – then that public servant is unfit to hold office, a danger to the rule of law and an enemy of our God-given rights. Their names should be added to our “watch list” and their opposition to freedom noted. The opportunity to seek private sector employment if qualified, without a government pension or benefits, is their just reward.

Looking more closely, therefore, it must be observed that the United States government will continue to be the greatest threat to recovering our freedom because it ignores the limitations imposed upon it by law itself. In the American experience, this law includes “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” as recognized and incorporated into the Declaration of Independence. It also includes the law of the land – the United States Constitution as written. Our national government is limited by these laws. Yet, its Congressional laws, Executive orders and judicial decisions cast these foundations aside and have taken away our rights and freedoms. The collective action of the federal government has immorally suppressed these foundations, while commanding our perfect obedience to its unlimited will. What sort of citizen can enjoy freedom under a government without limitations? Only a slave or a zek? Don’t be naive. Slavery comes in many forms. When judging itself, the federal government pardons every evil, but when judging the People or the nations, it is eager to use the sharp edge of its bloody sword.

The immediate threat, however, is not to be found in foreign nations. Russia is no threat to America. They are an important trading partner. We have been politically manipulated and lied to about foreign terror and terrorists. Yes, there is real evil in the world, but Washington D.C. is part of this evil too. The federal government was not created by the People to stamp out every evil domestically, or by intervention, bribes and war, oversee, manage or crush evil abroad. Cadres of armed federal agents and officials at home are the immediate danger. Federal and State task forces have joined hands. These blue shirt bureaucrats have mandated mask or facial coverings be worn, ordered lockdowns, prosecuted Americans whose only crime was wanting to work, bribed us with stimulus checks and unemployment benefits, destroyed our economy, threatened us with experimental vaccinations, and bankrupted the middle class, They have also invaded our airports, bus stations, highways, borders and passport offices. They search our luggage, steal our valuables and electronically scan our bodies. They put their hands in our pants, throw away our water bottles and demand to know where we are going. We wait in line like cattle going to the slaughter house. They display their firearms. We display our feet without shoes and are stripped of all means of self-defense. They say “Papers, please Comrade” and we produce our government issued identification. How can we recover our privacy and freedom to travel if we cannot first see it has been taken away?

The Republican and Democratic national leadership are also domestic threats to recovery of our freedom. They are committed to wholesale lying about federal evildoing. We have been lied to about “national security” by the White House for decades. Spy drones may be deployed above our homes. Our personal and medical records have been hacked, our telephone calls illegally monitored and our email read by federally employed stalkers. Each record, document and call has been recorded and stored. It can be accessed by these federal “peeping toms” when the time comes for our investigation, indictment, prosecution and imprisonment if we get out of line. We are living in a federal surveillance society that sees every purchase made with credit cards on the internet. The Fourth and Fifth Amendments lie in tatters. Neither Republicans nor Democrats will put a stop to it. A vote for either is throwing your vote away. Why keep throwing your vote away again and again?

Our federal overseers have also manipulated this country’s economy resulting in harmful business cycles of weak expansions and sharp contractions, of boom and bust, of bubbles and an ongoing “Great Recession.” How can we recover our freedom against this rigged game? We are only beginning to understand just how deep the deceit really goes and its terrible domestic and world wide consequences.3 The Federal Reserve’s reliance on monetization and artificially low interest rates to spur economic growth and reduce structural unemployment has lulled investors into business projects they cannot complete and which are unsustainable in the long run. It has tricked consumers to borrow and spend well beyond their means to reasonably repay. The omnipresent quantitative easing and other schemes orchestrated by the Federal Reserve have enriched the largest Banks and their Wall Street cronies. If reserves are released for real consumer and business use, the effect must accelerate the current inflation rate of the dollar and drive up prices, thereby making it harder for you and me just to survive. This country cannot live on borrowed fiat money forever. Savings and real free markets as the means of economic growth and are within our hand, if we can just stop spending that which we do not have. The federal government and the federal reserve are among the greatest threats, not our saviors.

Washington lawmakers also love price controls, price ceilings and price floors such as minimum wage. Washington claims it is willing to “tweak” the system of confiscatory taxation, but yet over 2000 federal subsidy programs remain in place and continue to grow. They manipulate the price of gold and silver. The housing bubble, dot-com bubble, education bubble and every other bubble have the federal hand of disaster behind them.

The federal government also directly owns and controls one-third of the land in this country. It is not enough. They also want to control the use of all land though environmental regulations and the Department of the Interior.

Being without any practical or theoretical restraint, and being in full control of the reins of force, coercion and violence, the United States government has become a law unto itself. It now uses the law, lawlessly. Law is no longer a limit on its power. It is not a shield in the hands of the People to protect us from our own government. Law has been perverted into a federal prosecutorial sword and turned upon each of us by our public servants who are now our self-proclaimed federal masters. We rejoice when the Supreme Court issues an occasional opinion in defense of our judicially modified rights against federal or state usurpation, but an occasional opinion is evidence of a failed system of checks and balances and even the form of government itself, not a basis for its unaltered continuation.


What are we going to do about this government? More talk radio? More donations to the party or our favorite special interest group? We could always vote for “change” or demand more bread and circuses. What about state nullification? What about a violent revolution? Maybe you have a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun? We can even call the President nasty names or a “Royal Brute” as did Thomas Paine of King George III, but will that limit federal power? Will this beat back our federal masters enough so that we can recover the freedom to fully exercise all our rights?

Here is what needs to be done to restore what has been taken. We must believe that the People are still capable of governing themselves, but are not permitted to do so under our current form of federal control. Of course this is a lie if the people refuse to first fear God. If there is no fear of God, then there is no incentive to exercise our liberties with self-restraint. We must then do two things at the same time. First, we must warn the government of the United States to cease both its infidelity to law and the abridgment of our rights. This warning comes in the form of directing our State governments to impose additional Constitutional restraints on the federal government. It requires actually honoring and enforcing the rights that are already there. It requires adding additional God given unalienable rights, not their fake substitutes, to the Bill of Rights.4 It requires denying the Supreme Court the power to diminish those rights by the compelling state interest test. When the Constitution says “Congress shall make no law . . .” it means “Congress” and it means “no law.” “Make no law” is the judicial standard of review, not fundamental rights and compelling state interest. When the Second Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed,” the phrase “shall not be infringed” is the judicial standard of review, not some Court manufactured “middle-tier” analysis. This approach assumes there is still a place for a limited federal government in our system. It assumes the federal government can be reformed.

Yet, what if they refuse to take correction? What if the federal establishment has made their faces harder than rock and they refuse to repent of their evil suppression of our rights, our freedoms and our liberties? What if it turns out that the federal establishment is an unrepentant well-fed, lusty stallion, neighing for our life, liberty and property? What if it is stubborn and rebellious and refuses to fear God, or says it is god? What if wicked men and women are found among its critical “leaders” and they lurk about lying in wait to sieze what last bits of freedom we have? It may be discovered that they have become great and rich because they know no bounds in their deeds of evil, refuse to judge with justice, or defend the rights of the needy. What if it is concluded that they rule at their direction and the people love to have it so?

In such a case, we must also undertake serious consideration of a second option. We must also realize that the federal government itself may already be too lawless to reform. It may already be too ruthless to be told by the States to restrain itself. It may not even be able to free itself from its dependence on the Federal Reserve to keep buying debt. It may not be able to free itself from other economic and military masters. Beyond this, Congress generally, and the President in particular, may not be able to advance Constitutional restraint, especially in foreign policy even if they had a moment of lucidity and wanted to do so. Every President since Dwight D. Eisenhower has learned, at some point in his Presidency, to fear being undermined, politically exposed, entrapped or even assassinated by shadowy figures in the Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).5 While our Presidents have been men with great power, they have lacked the power to reign in their economic masters or the military-industrial Godfather. That is why we must consider the idea that recovery of our freedoms can only be accomplished by abolishing our federal Washington D.C. government, thereby dispersing the now centralized power of bailed out bankers and subsidized arms dealers. Let these factions then try to bribe 50 state governments instead of one government in Washington.

A lawless government, a government that will not or cannot heed current or proposed Constitutional limitations, deserves only to be abolished. It must be abolished for freedom to recover and flourish. It must be abolished if Americans are to escape the federal reserve and the federal police state and their war against our lives, rights, money and property. It must be abolished to stop Washington’s world-wide global hegemony advanced by threats of thermonuclear war.

From the vantage point of freedom, we must ask ourselves if we even want the federal government any more? Its future is up to us, the People, isn’t it? Forget for a moment all that has been said about the federal government as an army of criminals run by overgrown plunderers. Forget its immorality, suppression of liberties and worldwide war-making. Ask yourself: “Is there a better arrangement than what we now have?” You cannot answer that question unless you have considered the options offered in the Declaration of Independence. If our federal government will not honor the Constitution, why should we keep either? Perhaps both have outlived their usefulness? Washington seems destined for obscurity in the long run anyway. There are better options.

One option is to do nothing and just wait for the collapse. If we do nothing, at some point the federal government will collapse under its own weight of debt. If we do nothing, it will continue to fall in its international status. It will continue dragging with it our nation to a second or third world status. Its efforts to control the economy and manipulation of the dollar will fail in the long run. The dollar’s continued loss of purchasing power and international use as the standard of exchange is inevitable. The States will limp along as dependent servants, eventually yielding all of their critical authority to either federal carrots or sticks. All might be a wreck and ruin before we can start to recover freedom again. No nation can escape contractions of the business cycle if its economy is built on artificially low interest rates, credit and a government monopoly on the printing press. Fiat currency will always inflate. But if we simply sit by and think we can wait it out, then consider the larger picture of what will happen in the meantime. The federal government will by then have ruined the financial lives of many millions of people. It will have violated and killed many more millions of human lives. It will have inflicted immeasurable misery upon the peoples and nations of the earth. Americans will be treated here by our own government, as our government now treats others in their own country. Why suffer that which is to come if it is within our hand now to avoid that result?

Yet, perhaps you think “God is in control. God is judging this country. God will take care of me and my family.” Do you really think that it is because of your own goodness that we continue to possess this land and its benefits? Do you think that since we were a Christian Nation that God’s hand is still bound to bless us? Wake up. God blessed Egypt when Joseph ran the Country, but after that, a generation that did not know Joseph arose and enslaved Israel. Do you think America is more special to God than Israel was while in Egypt? God is certainly in control and He will do what He wants, when He wants. But blessing you regardless of your indifference is not in His plan. Face it, no American is the equal of Noah, Job or Daniel. They alone might escape even God’s judgment upon a nation, but not you or your family.6


How can the People recover freedom? We need a forum to either alter or abolish the government of the United States and to scatter the centralized banking and corporate militarists that have used our taxes to promote world wide depression and war. We need a Congress of States. What is a Congress of States? A Congress of States is first of all a congress; that is to say, a meeting or assembly of certain persons. Who are these persons? They are delegates representing the various state governments. The state legislatures choose delegates. These delegates then assemble together as a Congress. A Congress of States has nothing to do with the Congress of the United States. A Congress of States is created by the States themselves. It is created by their authority as sovereign states acting on behalf of the People of that State.

A Congress of States may be called into existence pursuant to Article V of the Constitution which requires the federal Congress to call for a convention when at least two-thirds of the States so apply. In such a case the assembly would technically be a Convention of States. Any proposed amendments to the Constitution emanating therefrom would be subject to the Constitutional procedures and authority concerning adoption of amendments, i.e., they must be ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof. Some say an Article V Convention can only alter, but not abolish the federal government. Maybe, maybe not. Any State call should leave the door open. But an Article V convention is not the only option. It is not even the best option.

A true Congress of States may be called into existence directly by the act of any number of participating state legislatures independent of the Constitution and without regard for a two-thirds requirement. If the Constitutional call for a Convention falls short of a two-thirds requirement, a Congress of States may nevertheless be formed and proceed accordingly. The authority of the Congress of States and its delegates is to advise and recommend to their respective States, a plan or plans to promote liberty and recover freedom through altering or abolishing the federal government.

An assembly of States is nothing new. It is as old as the Republic and is not Constitutionally dependent. The Annapolis Convention of 1786 is an example of the idea that the States may come together without the permission or approval of the United States. The Annapolis Convention was a meeting of twelve delegates from five states including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. The Convention was styled as a “Meeting of Commissioners to Remedy Defects of the Federal Government.” These defects involved barriers to trade and commerce between the states under the Articles of Confederation. Its goal was to consider alteration of the form and laws of the federal government. After meeting, this Convention laid the groundwork for a subsequent Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. It was at the latter Convention that the Articles of Confederation were abolished or abandoned, and which then proposed the Constitution of 1787. So a Congress of States is nothing really new.7


What will the delegates do when they come together? To have any hope of real success, such delegates must recall to memory the legal foundations of this country, indeed of all nations. It must take to heart that God is the first Author of our freedoms and that as such, civil governments lack any authority to impair those freedoms. It must be sobered by the cold and hard truth that God did not establish the federal government of the United States. That government does not enjoy any divine right or the imprimatur of God’s continued approval. It was made by men. It can be unmade by men. A Congress of States must affirm the principles of the laws of nature and of nature’s God, and its incorporation into our systems of government through the Declaration of Independence. It must recognize and fully appreciate that the duties we owe to our Creator are none other than those unalienable rights to be exercised free from interference by private persons, the states and federal government, religious bodies, corporations, banks, police and the military. It must call to memory that the manner of discharging those God-given duties, expressed as unalienable rights and often guaranteed as state and federal Constitutionally enumerated rights, are based on each person’s reason and conviction and are not therefore, lawfully subject to any government interference, mandate, coercion, subsidy, carrot or stick, force or violence.

A Congress of States must also articulate with clarity the economic freedoms and unalienable rights to which we are all equally entitled. It must be so clear that even the Supreme Court can understand, if such a Court is retained, that unalienable rights are not subject to any balancing against state, federal or international interests. There can be no talk of balancing unalienable rights against compelling governmental interests or application of a least restrictive means analysis. These tests were judicial creations from the start and never had any Constitutional mooring. It will reaffirm that the legal basis for our rights, liberties and freedoms is grounded in the duties we owe to our Creator and to our neighbors, all made in His image. It will not establish any religion. It will not repudiate the Law of Nature governing civil governments, but will question if our federal government is needed or wanted here at all. It will not cast aside our nation, just our nation’s current federal form of government.


The analysis presented in this series of Articles assists in this substantive work. It points an indicting finger at the overgrown plundering of the United States government. It compiles a bill of particulars against the federal government, enumerating its lawlessness, self-glorification and needless wars which have little, in fact, to do with protecting us. They have little to do with national security. In fact, these wars prosecuted in the name of protecting freedom at home have only resulted in the loss of freedom at home and the bankruptcy of this country. They have much to do with justifying unrestrained human greed and violence on a grand worldwide scale. We need a Congress of States that will chronicle federal lawlessness and Constitutional usurpations. We need a Congress of States that will submit to each State its findings and recommendations concerning how to recover our freedom, how to revive economic liberty and how to restore our unalienable rights–those freedoms, liberties and rights now taken and crushed by the federal surveillance state.8 We need a Congress of States to shine the spotlight of reproach on the United States government.

Paul Revere once famously warned Americas that “The British are coming.” His warning sparked a defensive revolution in which Americans eventually won greater freedom as Americans than they enjoyed as Englishmen. Americans rescued self government from the lawless hand of the British civil government under a King – a man who preferred to rule by his own will and not by the Colonial Charters or consistently under the laws of nature.

The current situation is like this though not in every respect. The British are not coming. Its successor, the federal government has come instead. It is here. It is everywhere. It rules and enslaves by its will, not by the law. The remedy is this: The British are not coming. We are. Now is the time for the People to come forward. We must come organizationally through our own States first, then State by State. We are coming together through a Congress of our States. We are not coming together to leave the Union. We are not coming for secession so that those who remain can wage war upon those who leave. We are not coming to vindicate “states’ rights.” The States themselves must eventually be limited or abolished if they will not secure our rights. We are not coming for assassination or war. We are not content to nullify this law or that law leaving the machinery of federal oppression intact and untouched. We are coming for a work more profound than simply avoiding the immediate reach of federal lawlessness.

Nor are we coming to merely insist upon our Constitutional rights as Americans. At one time we insisted on our rights as Englishman before the Revolution. Then we insisted upon enjoying our constitutional rights as Americans. Now we are coming to insist upon our unalienable rights as human beings made by the Creator of the Universe.

We are coming in a Congress of States with a warning: we are coming to warn the federal government that it is merely a government of Constitutionally limited and very well defined powers. It is nothing more. When we are done, it shall be a great deal less. The Constitution chained it, but not enough. The Declaration defined and limited its purpose – the security of God-given individual rights. From these limitations and purpose, it has no authority to depart. Its present delusion rationalizing the perversion of that document by chanting “national security” is a lie. Indeed, a lying spirit is in the mouth of those who proclaim an expansive federal power.

We are also coming to consider if we can no longer trust the federal government, or even want to keep it with its present “limited Constitutional” powers. Limited government has failed in the long run. It could be revived but let us not be naive in weighing our options. We must affirm and impose additional and more severe limitations on the federal government. We must turn its foreign policy from one of worldwide empire and violence, to a policy of non-interference with honest commerce with all nations. We are here to abolish agencies, the Code of Federal Regulations, and executive orders. We are coming to tell federal bureaucrats and civil service to find private sector jobs. We are coming to tell Congress that its commerce clause jurisdiction, its regulation of employment, the environment, firearms, tobacco, alcohol, food, drugs and a myriad of other things is finished. We are coming to tell the Court that its opinions are not the Supreme law and that it enjoys no jurisdiction to enact laws or create rights through its judicial decisions. We are here to tell its judges, magistrates and prosecutors to find alternative employment. We are coming to abolish the federal police and surveillance forces whom violate our privacy without conscience.

The Constitution was a work of the People. The People chose to determine if they even wanted a federal government in the first place. But they are not bound to continue with it. They are not even bound to improve it. If they desire to further limit federal power beyond its current Constitutional limits or abolish it altogether, what is that to their federal servants? The servant’s duty is to obey, not unionize and lobby, not bully and tax, and not to investigate, indict and incarcerate the People. We are coming to tell the federal government as currently constituted, that its days are numbered and that additional restraints, checks and limits beyond even the present Constitution are needed and will be imposed by the States. If those additional measures are ineffectual to ensure our rights, or a Congress of States believes those remedies will be too little, too late, or will be ineffective no matter the course, then we are coming to tell the federal government that its usefulness has passed. We shall be governed by law through our States alone who must also better secure, protect and defend our unalienable rights on an equal basis. We will then deal with our State governments on the same terms if they do not see the light. Nothing less will do.

Who is the “We”? The “we” is every American who loves their God-given freedoms and Constitutional rights.

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*     © Copyright 2014, 2021 Kerry L. Morgan. Ver. 2.0. Kerry Lee Morgan is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Michigan, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Please visit his professional website at http://pview.findlaw.com/view/2750666_1.
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