America’s Heritage: Constitutional Liberty

by Herbert W. Titus and Gerald R. Thompson

Ch. 1 – Law and America’s Constitutions
Ch. 2 – Covenant and Constitutions
Ch. 3 – A Common People, A Common Law
Ch. 4 – A Federal Republic
Ch. 5 – Separation of Civil Powers
Ch. 6 – Legislative and Executive Powers
Ch. 7 – Judicial Power and Judicial Review
Ch. 8 – Taxing and Spending
Ch. 9 – Jurisdiction and Liberty
Ch. 10 – Reclaiming Dominion
Ch. 11 – A Righteous Example
Ch. 12 – Restoring the Rule of Law
Ch. 13 – A Covenant People

This book explores the biblical and historical roots of constitutional law in America, and compares the biblical/historical view with modern legal trends.

“It is the purpose of this book to examine the true roots of American constitutional law as found in the Bible and our nation’s civil covenants. We will discover a remarkable unity between these documents when viewed from a biblical perspective. Without an understanding of the biblical view of law and covenant, this unity is often overlooked.”    Herbert W. Titus and Gerald R. Thompson, from America’s Heritage: Constitutional Liberty.