LONANG Curriculum Site Map

And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. Deut. 6:6-7.


I.  Legal Worldview

  1.   Biblical Principles of Law
    1.   Law and Justice
    2.   Jurisdiction and Authority
    3.   Equality and Mankind
    4.   Fault and Liability
    5.   Vow and Contract
    6.   Dominion and Property
    7.   Restitution and Punishment
  2.   God’s Revelation: Foundation for the Common Law
    1.   The Common Law of Private Property
    2.   The Common Law of Civil Jurisdiction
  3.   The Transformation of American Law
  4.   The Place for Truth in Government

II.  Legal Education

  1.   God, Evolution, Legal Education and Law
  2.   Thinking About Law from God’s Point of View
  3.   To Teach The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God
  4.   A Lonang Alternative to the Religion of American Legal Education
  5.   ABANDONED!  CBN (Regent) University Law School Purpose Statement (1985)
  6.   REJECTED!  Simon Greenleaf (now Trinity) U. Law School Vision Statement (1992):
    1.   Overview
    2.   Mission/Integration
    3.   Curriculum

III.  Property

  1.   Dominion and Property
  2.   Property Rights Under The Fourth and Fifth Amendments
  3.   Principles of Property – Outline
  4.   The Unalienable Right of Property:
    1.   The Declaration of Independence
    2.   The Gradual Demise of Property
    3.   The Challenge to Secure Property

IV.  Contracts

  1.   Vow and Contract
  2.   A Look Back at the Contract Clause
    1.   Early Years: An Expansive Application
    2.   Demise & Evisceration of the Clause
  3.   Principles of Contracts – Outline

V.  Crimes

  1.   Sex, Crimes & Punishment
  2.   The Restitutionary Purpose of the Criminal Law
  3.   Principles of Crimes – Outline

VI.  Torts

  1.   Fault and Liability
  2.   Principles of Torts – Outline

VII.  Procedure

VIII.  Entities

IX.  Professional Ethics

  1.   Jesus Christ: Advocate, Counselor, Mediator (The Role Model for the Christian Lawyer)
  2.   Professional Deportment

X.  Licensure & Regulation

  1.   Brief and Manifesto Against A Mandatory State Bar
    1.   Forced Associations Are Contrary To Human Nature and Natural Right
    2.   All State Bar Activities Are Ideological and Like a Religion
    3.   A Mandatory Bar Is A Monopoly Unworthy to Advance Justice