Legal Foundations Site Map

(Links to be activated as topics are developed. This is a work in progress.)

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3.


I.  Legal Foundations: The Framework of Law

  1.   In Search of Lonang
  2.   The Sources Of Law
  3.   The Characteristics of Law
  4.   Equity Jurisprudence
  5.   Covenant Law
  6.   Jurisdiction
  7.   Legal Institutions
  8.   The Bible As Law
  9.   The Bible In Legal History
  10.   A Christian Nation?

II.  Studies in the Laws of Nature’s God

  1.   The Origin of Law
  2.   What Is Law?
  3.   Law and Equity
  4.   Covenant Law
  5.   Law and Rights
  6.   Jurisdiction
  7.   The Social Order
  8.   The Family
  9.   Civil Power
  10.   The Bible As Law
  11.   A Christian Nation?
  12.   The Mosaic Law

III.  Individual Government

  1.   Self-Government, Conscience & True Liberty
    1.   The Basis of Self-Government
    2.   Self-Government: The Law of Conscience
    3.   Self-Government Denied & Perverted

IV.  Family Government

  1.   Introduction
  2.   Structure & Organization
    1.   Family Definition
    2.   The Nature of Marriage
    3.   Family Self-government
  3.   Abortion: First Defend Law, Then Defend Life
  4.   (Other subject areas on the back burner)

V.  Civil Government

  1.   The Right To Alter or Abolish the Government
    1.   God Makes Nations, Men Make Governments
    2.   Government Is the Mere Agent of the People
  2.   Civil Disobedience In an Age of Tyranny
    1.   The Grand Bargain That Never Was
    2.   The Nature and Extent of Natural Rights
    3.   Laws of the Nature of Authority
    4.   The Limited Nature of Civil Power
    5.   The Manhattan Declaration
    6.   Presumptions of Validity and Legality
    7.   Responding To Lawless Government
    8.   Individual Civil Disobedience; Epilogue
  3.   The Federal Government is the Real Threat
    1.   What Can We Do Now Our Freedom Is Taken?
    2.   What Foundation Will Support Recovery of Our Freedom?
    3.   God is No Caesar, Caesar is No God
    4.   Every Evil Under the Sun
    5.   Incomplete Remedies: Voting, Secession, Nullification and Armed Revolution
    6.   What Unalienable Rights Did God Give to Every Human Being?
    7.   A Congress of States

VI.  Voluntary Associations

  1.   Freedom of Association – (Working!)
  2.   Private Discrimination – (Working!)
  3.   Employment & Labor – (Working!)
  4.   Occupational Regulation – (Working!)
  5.   Public Accommodations – (Working!)
  6.   Education & Schools
    1.   Federal Jurisdiction in Education:
      1.   Historical & Constitutional Limits
      2.   Acknowledged Limits
      3.   Dept of Education – 1867
      4.   Dept of Education – 1979
  7.   Communication & Journalism
    1.   Exploring Communication and Journalism from a Biblical Perspective:
      1.   Jesus – The Word; The Spirit and False Perspectives
      2.   News & Newsworthiness; Reporter v. Repeater; FCC v. Jesus
      3.   Journalism Graduate; Unclean Lips; Write the Story; What Not to Do
      4.   Multiple Realities; Deceit; Present Challenge; A Christian Liberal Arts Education?

VII.  Church Government

  1.   Five Biblical Principles of Church Government
    1.   The Diffusion Principle of Authority
    2.   Priesthoods, Clergy & Spiritual Authority
    3.   Church as Institution, Association & Corporation
    4.   The Visible Church in Real Life
    5.   The Office of Pastor; Religious Corruption
  2.   A Call to Reclaim Church Government – A Manifesto
  3.   Tithing & The Law of God
  4.   The Great Commission and God’s Law
    1.   God’s Law For All Nations
  5.   The Biblical Genealogies
    1.   LONANG Law of Inheritance
    2.   Who Jesus Is & The Virgin Birth

VIII.  Law and Religion – Reclaimed!

  1.   The Big Picture
  2.   Knowing God’s Will
  3.   A Biblical Worldview
  4.   Christian Legal Follies

IX.  International Law  (On the back burner)