Biblical Principles of Law

by Herbert W. Titus

Ch. 1 – Law and Justice

Ch. 2 – Jurisdiction and Authority

Ch. 3 – Equality and Mankind

Ch. 4 – Fault and Liability

Ch. 5 – Vow and Contract

Ch. 6 – Dominion and Property

Ch. 7 – Restitution and Punishment

This book explores the biblical and historical roots of the common law relating to contracts, property, torts and crimes, and compares the biblical/historical view with modern legal trends.

“While man has never seen, heard, touched, smelled, nor tasted God’s invisible laws, he has observed their effects through the blessings resulting from man’s obedience and the curses from disobedience. At the heart of the common law was a Biblical definition of law. One of its great expositors, Sir William Blackstone, noted that God, as the Creator of the heavens and the earth, created the rules of action that all creation was bound to obey.”    Herbert W. Titus, from Biblical Principles of Law.