LONANG is an acronym for the Laws of Nature and (of) Nature’s God, a phrase first used in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, 1776. The phrase is also a plural contraction; a somewhat shorthand way of saying “the law of nature and the law of nature’s God.”

But the concepts embodied in the phrase didn’t originate with Jefferson. The law of nature was a common term used by historic legal writers such as Grotius, Burlamaqui, Blackstone and others. The law of nature’s God, a lesser used term, was more commonly called the divine law, or the revealed law, meaning the laws of God revealed in verbal form. So what are these laws, and what can be known about them? This is our task . . .


  • Kerry L. Morgan Director

    Mr. Morgan is an attorney (MI, VA, DC) who practices in the areas of municipal law, employment discrimination, litigation, environmental law and educational policy. Previously, he served as an Attorney-Advisor with the United States Commission on Civil Rights in Washington D.C.
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  • Gerald R. Thompson President

    Mr Thompson is an attorney (MI, CA) who focuses on trademark law, corporate transactions and nonprofit organizations. He is a former law professor in the areas of constitutional law, biblical principles of law and legal history. He was also in-house counsel for a worldwide nonprofit organization for several years.

  • Herbert W. Titus Guest Writer

    Mr. Titus was an attorney (OR, VA) who concentrated in constitutional, appellate, and administrative law. Previously, he taught constitutional law, common law, and other subjects for nearly 30 years at five different A.B.A. approved law schools. He was the founding Dean of the College of Law and Government at Regent University. (b. 1937, d. 2021)