John 14

(Jn. 14:1-15:17)

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Let not your heart be troubled
Believe in God, believe in Me
In my Father’s house
I have prepared a place for you
And I will come again to receive you

Just look up at the skies
Excite me with your own eyes
Believe in His word
And do the things that He glorifies

Let not your soul be divided
Dwell in the light that He provided
And keep my commandments
Which I have given you
And love one another just as I have loved you

And you’re the branch and I’m the vine
Bear much fruit for this is a sign
That I chose you, you did not choose Me
Forever you are Mine

Let not yourself live in fear
Hear the words I breathe in your ear
And do not be discouraged
No, don’t let things get you down
And I will always guide you
I know where you are bound

And don’t give up, and don’t despair
I will meet you in the air
And ask in faith and in My name
I’ll answer you through prayer

Words & music – Marian (Craig) Oswalt
© Copyright 1982. All rights reserved.