Don’t Look Back

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I’m lying there just sleeping with my mind way out in space
When suddenly the morning sun beats down upon my face
As my eyes begin to open they become blinded by the light
There’s someone standing next to me whose brilliance is so bright
I try to rise though I can’t see, His light engulfs the room
Then He begins to tell me He’ll be coming back here soon

He said, “Look at Me and see the light
Rise up and follow Me
Just look ahead and don’t look back
There’s nothing there to see!”

“Though in your life you may have sinned, what you’ve done most of all
Is to ask for My forgiveness to purify your soul
Because of this I feel that there’s still something you must learn
I’m going to take you with Me on the day that I return
So don’t let your mind keep worrying that someday you’ll be lost
Just keep proclaiming Me your Lord and bear the sacred cross”

(Chorus – 2X)

Then suddenly He disappears, the light’s gone from my eyes
But still I feel down in my soul a light burning deep inside
I feel as if I’ve been reborn like a child who’s free from sin
But that’s because Christ lit the lamp that’s been buried deep within
I make my way across the room thanking God for what He’s done
By giving me the grace of being awakened by the Son

(Chorus 2X)

Dan Marlow – music; Ken Begian – words
© Copyright 1980. All rights reserved.