The Federal Government is the Real Threat


Part 4:  Every Evil Under the Sun

Do not think that freedom can be recovered just because we understand its foundation in law. We must also understand something about the evil in our own selves. As noted in a prior Essay “What Can We Do Now that Our Freedom is Taken?” we introduced the idea that the federal government has taken our freedom and remains the greatest threat to its recovery. Also discussed was the need to rely on law rather than violence in addressing this threat. A Congress of States was proposed as a means to reduce the federal government’s power so that it would be explicitly barred from crushing our unalienable rights. Also considered was the idea that it may be desirable or necessary to simply abolish the federal government in order to preserve the American People and the nation.

Attention was then turned to the foundation of recovery in “What Foundation will Support Recovery of our Freedom?” We discussed the need to take the Declaration of Independence at face value and reject the myth that freedom can be reclaimed on any other foundation than the laws of nature and nature’s God as reflected in the Declaration of Independence. We considered that there are very few people who can lead the recovery of our freedom. Few will be concentrated in any one party, place or institution, and many will oppose a Congress of States from ignorance or self-interest or worse. Few in fact, may be counted on to lead us toward recovery of freedom. We also saw how the framers’ relied on law as the basis for civil government’s limited purpose in securing our unalienable rights.

In “God is no Caesar, Caesar is no God,” we discussed God and civil government. It was concluded that God empowers a People to establish their own form of civil government by their free consent. We uncovered false assumptions about God and civil government. We saw that God establishes no civil government. No civil official rules directly from God. God makes people. God created language groups. People create civil governments. People choose civil leaders. We need not obey lawless men. We discussed the federal government’s current lawlessness in broad strokes and concluded by alluding to the insanity and irrationality of our present federal regime. Indeed, God is much more reasonable than our government when it comes to the exercise of power and the security of rights. He believes in self-government, voluntary choice and even love of one’s neighbor. In this respect, God is no Caesar. The untethered state believes in control, force and violence. In this respect, Caesar is no god.

We now turn to a deeper examination of some of the principal evils we and our federal government undertakes without any shame, even in the bright noon sun. It will be unpleasant. We will see that evil comes from within us and that we both enjoy and permit the evil. We vote for the lesser of two evils. Elections are won or lost based on the promises candidates make to do evil if elected covet and steal our neighbors taxes and property and give it to us. The Constitution’s limits are turned into evil regulation of our liberty. The President makes war upon the nations which is a great and terrible evil. And we, we the People, covet the spoils of the evildoer. The situation is bleak: “Again I saw all the oppressions that are done under the sun. And behold, the tears of the oppressed, and they had no one to comfort them! On the side of their oppressors there was power, and there was no one to comfort them.”12


Our Representatives in Congress should be the ones taking the lead in securing our freedoms by limiting federal power to its Constitutional boundaries. Our Senators are supposed to be the watchdogs on federal power from the States’ point of view. Serving and representing the people and states means confining federal power to its strict Constitutional limitations. Why have our federal Senators not seen the danger? It is their natural duty. Yet, we find exactly the opposite among our Senators. They lead the charge for empire, for war, for world wide hegemony. They sponsor new laws of oppression. They have become power mad. They do not restrain evil. They are evildoers as they pass laws which alienate the unalienable rights for the people.

The task of restoring freedom can only be accomplished by men and women who practice Constitutional restraint. Yet, political parties have made the election of such persons a practical impossibility. The party serves as the gatekeeper to public office. The ballot is a rigged game that statutorily favors the Republican and Democrat parties, not so much even individual candidates. These parties keep out persons who might publically favor real Constitutional and legal restraint. These parties open the electoral door to those who pay little attention to the limited and enumerated powers of Congress in Article 1, Section 8. It favors the reelection of those with a proven track record of unlimited federal power, of tyranny and taxation. Congressional representatives routinely vote to approve bills which exceed the Constitution’s limited grant of powers to Congress in Article 1, section 8. Their appropriation and spending bills make no real effort to fall within the objects of legislation Constitutionally granted. They do not act as Representatives. Whom do they actually represent when they pass a law that has no Constitutional authority? The answer is their party, special interests and their own reelection. They are no longer Representatives bound by law in any real sense. Congress has become a televised House of Liars. Its Committees function as a well-financed Den of Thieves.

Even these chilling Titles of Profligacy, however, do not really concern them. They know that the more they promise to exceed their Constitutionally limited authority, the more opportunity they have to put their hand into the federal treasury and provide their constituents a portion of that lucre, if the People will just vote for them in the next election. We are lectured: “It’s the economy, stupid” meaning that the economy should be subject to unlimited federal regulation and redistribution. Constitutional limits are also inconvenient because they interfere with re-election. The Constitution is a barrier to the political party philosophy of winning elections based on offering bribes to the voters in the form of entitlements bribes which were first extracted by force from the voters themselves.

Applying “public choice analysis,” the lie is perfected with the candidate’s assurance that the voter will receive more of the bribe in promised future entitlements, than he or she has already paid in past imposed taxes. We could call this the “gullible promise effect” because the voter is casting his or her vote merely on the basis of a future promise, not an actual benefit already received. The voter is gullible. Office seekers also encourage “rent seeking” actions by individuals and groups to use the process to redistribute wealth to themselves. Candidates also promise voters clearly defined current benefits to be paid for with hard to identify future costs. Economists refer to this as the “shortsightedness effect.” Voters are convinced that they are paying little from their own pocket and will receive much from their neighbors’ pocket. Are we so blinded to not see that we are voting for those who promise to covet our neighbors property? How can we claim to be moral when we cast such a vote? Does Exodus 20’s universal recognition that coveting and theft are wrong, mean nothing?

Oh no, your candidate did not win, and he was the lesser of two evils! Foolish voter. Your vote has encouraged him and his party to increase the amount of the coveting bribe to be offered to you next time. This is how the cycle of nationalized covetousness and theft is played out. This is how our elected officials perfect lying and empower coveting in our hearts. We must recognize they are lying and stop listening to the financially sweet words of these office-seeking thieves. We must recognize within ourselves, that while we secretly enjoy our neighbor’s wealth and do not mind that it was taken by force, that self restrain is the better choice.

The People can change this if they want. If they can resist bribery and stop yielding to the sin of coveting their neighbor’s tax payments, there may be hope. Yes, it is a sin. It is a sin institutionalized on a vast and grand federal scale. It is a sin which we should confess at least on the Sabbath, but too often our religious assemblies are blinded to this sin. Have you ever heard a sermon or teaching concerning this massive sin? Perhaps our assemblies, ministries and programs themselves are built on coveting the parishioner’s wallet too? Even the exceptional cleric must first look over his shoulder with one eye at his Board’s response to such a message, and look forward with the other eye to alternative employment options.

We can choose to act morally strong enough to recognize and resist the evil of coveting our neighbor’s tax payment. But will we? The people must also find the moral clarity and inward strength to perceive, resist and confront the lying spirit that fills the mouths, speeches and franked correspondences of our elected officials. When they promise, if elected, to enact a law taking from some and giving to you, they lie about their oath to uphold the Constitution. When they claim such laws are deemed “Constitutional” by the Supreme Court, they lie about the actual words and meaning of that document. They are assuring you that a document which on its face narrowly limits their power, instead actually empowers them to legislatively enact whatsoever they desire, is in the “national interest” or is arguably needed because of “national security.”

When they say “I know God” but do not keep his commandments “You shall not covet”or “You shall not bear false witness” then they lie. The truth is not in them. 1 John 2:4. These are obvious Biblical standards, but for us as Americans, they are also standards embedded in the Law of Nature. How long will we continue as simpletons and refuse to see this evil in its full insanity? Unfortunately, the simple believe everything, but the prudent voter gives thought to his choices.

The task is certainly to oppose the evildoers in the federal government. But it is not so simple. It requires more than opposing external evils. We must also oppose participating in the evil within ourselves. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn recognized: “You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.” He also understood the human condition.

Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. And even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains . . . an un-uprooted small corner of evil. . . . It is impossible to expel evil from the world in its entirety, but it is possible to constrict it within each person.13

The federal government can neither be limited nor abolished unless and until the people first stop coveting their neighbor’s money, property and taxes. It cannot be altered or abolished unless the people first turn away from the lying spirit of our federal officials and their parrots in the media. We must tell the candidates that no vote for them will be forthcoming if they intend to pass bills which exceed their limited Constitutional authority. We must tell our elected representatives especially those whom we prefer or adore, that no vote for them will be forthcoming unless they repeal in the current legislative session, laws which exceed their limited Constitutional authority. This is what needs to be done.

But what keeps the People from doing so? The simple answer is the true answer: we like getting money from the government that we did not earn. We enjoy listening to liars as it clears our conscience to receive the bribe. But there is a harder response required of us beyond knowing that we must stop our coveting and close our ears to liars. That harder response requires something we are unwilling to do but which we must do to survive. We are kept in our place because we have idolized our political party and are unwilling to stop bowing down to it.


The voter must decide. The People must decide. Is it the Law of Nature or my political party whom I shall serve? I serve my political party when I vote for the lesser of two evils. I serve my party when I vote for my party candidate who promises to exceed the Constitutional limits of his or her office to a lesser degree that the candidate from the other party. See clearly here. I am voting for lawlessness. I am voting to put my lawless favorite in office because the other party’s lawless candidate is worse, more evil. What a shortsighted thing to do, voting for my own slavery because I fear the slavery promised by the other party. We are taking about Republicans and Democrats. We are talking about the parties whose candidates have promised to violate the Constitution for our “benefit” in order to obtain our vote. Will a Congress of States change this? No. It cannot change human vice. It cannot change the desire of men to covet their neighbor’s property and effectuate the transfer of that property into our own pocketbook through our choice of candidates. It cannot change the fear which we experience when we vote for our candidate, not because he is good, but because we fear the other candidate is more evil.

It comes down to seeing that we must choose between law or party. We must choose between the liberty and rights which the law offers us, or the continued lawlessness and slavery offered to us by our Republican and Democrat committed family, friends and neighbors. A Congress of States may not be effective unless and until the People are ready to choose law over party. We are not talking about abolishing political parties, but rather of reinvigorating their submission to the law and Constitution.

We must also address idolatry. What is meant by this? Some choose the Elephant god. Some choose the Donkey god. Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified. These images are the substance of cartoons. Yet, the goals for which they stand are lawlessness. Our commitment to them is idolatry. They are lawless because they are built on coveting and lying. They are idols because they are elevated above the Law of Nature and the Constitutional limits on federal power. Whether we worship at the shrine of the donkey or elephant, our commitment to perpetuating federal covetousness and unshakable belief in the words of liars are preferred above the rule of law itself. Bluntly, it is idolatry to place the will of the party above the rule of law laid down by the Creator. It is idolatry to place coveting and lying political platforms, agendas and candidates ahead of the Constitutional limits imposed on the federal government. It is idolatry to vote for “the party” no matter what. Idolatry is a hard master. If we can also see a bit further, it is idolatry to adore the Constitution when it no longer serves its limiting purpose.

In the 2012 election, candidates from several other political parties appeared on virtually every ballot. In that election alone, five other political parties had access to at least 270 electoral votes. These included the Libertarian, Constitution, Green, Americans Elect and Justice Parties. Twelve additional parties had ballot access to less than 270 electoral votes. Unless and until voters seriously look at all the candidates and what they promise regarding adherence to the few Constitutional powers extended to the federal office they seek, the People will simply affirm their short-sighted preference for party over law, for slavery over freedom, for coveting their neighbor’s property over their own labor, and for liars and thieves over honest government.

The fruit of the “lesser of two evils” voting doctrine is the handmaiden of tyrants. It is the lying doctrine of both the Republican and Democrat parties. It has brought us to where we are today that we must suffer every evil under the sun for the sake of the party. The law means nothing. Party affiliation means everything. God fitted man for liberty but my vote will fit man for additional federal slavery. God fitted man with certain rights which cannot be overridden or alienated. But my vote for a candidate, because he or she is a Republican or Democrat will aid the Den of Thieves in their legislative and executive branch theft. Such a vote declares that I choose party and its promise of lawlessness over law itself.

The law is clear: do not covet your neighbor’s property, do not steal your neighbor’s property, do not bear false witness, and do not practice idolatry. These are the clear commands of the Law of Nature recognized since the beginning, binding over the globe at all times and in all nations. The Constitution is also clear. Congress only has those few powers granted and none others. None. It has no power to covet or steal. It has no authority to steal or lie for the “good of the people” or for “National Security.” Nor do the People have the right to covet or steal, nor the right to lie or idolize political organizations through the organs of the state. Yet, we vote for candidates who promise to covet and steal our neighbor’s property for us without regard to the Law. A candidate or party that promises federal benefits and entitlements is making a promise to covet and steal for you if you will but elect or reelect him or her. H.L. Mencken’s insightful words come to mind:

The state or, to make matters more concrete, the government consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get, and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time it is made good by looting A’ to satisfy B’. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advanced auction on stolen goods.14

The Constitution does not extend Congress a power to pillage. It does not extend the federal government power to either tax or spend on entitlement programs. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security along with other entitlements such as food stamps, unemployment, and housing assistance made up 62 percent of all federal spending as of 2013. These programs use civil force and coercion, not private volition to achieve their “compassionate” ends. That is what places them outside the jurisdiction of the civil power. Helping others with their medical care, retirement, housing and unemployment is an act of love. Love determines if, when, how much, to what degree and how often it is expressed, if expressed at all. Coercion on the other hand, dictates each of these criteria and sets aside human choice. The means of expressing love and compassion are based on voluntary action motived by the human heart. These programs attempt to achieve the ends of compassion but wrongfully use force and coercion to reach that goal. Of course, in the end even government programs do not achieve their goals. They breed resentment for not getting more. Whoever is wicked covets the spoil of evildoers. (Proverbs 12:12.)


We are commanded to love God and our neighbor as ourselves. This is the command of the law of God. If we fail to keep this command, then we fail to love, but there is no civil punishment for such failures in this world. These are duties we owe to God, not Caesar. If your neighbor is unemployed, it falls to you his neighbor, friends and family to assist him or her as each is persuaded in their heart. If you must retire, then it is you who must provide for it and if not, then you must look to the compassion of family and friends to help you along the way. Equity dictates that those who were previously compelled to “contribute” to Social Security and Medicare programs should still enjoy the promised benefits thereof, but equity also dictates that no man or employer should be compelled any longer to continue “contributing” anything to these programs. To do otherwise simply deprives him of that income which he could otherwise divert to his own purposes as he would determine. Like it or not, there is no Constitutional basis for these programs which take money from some and give it to others. Like it or not, the federal government cannot even afford these programs. Like it or not, these programs will fail of their own accord. The laws of economics dictate that result.

Perhaps the People simply do not see it this clearly. Then someone else must first take up the challenge to help the People see clearly. We must recognize the problem with our own rote left/right partisan thinking that has gotten us into this mess. A Congress of States in convention could start the job of clarity. It could restate the Constitution’s limits in plain English. It could sharpen the choice between freedom and slavery. It could spell out how the federal government, Congress, the President and our courts have abused that document, removed its chains and placed those legislative, administrative and regulatory shackles on our arms, legs and tongues. To do so, however, delegates to a Congress of States would have to rise above party. There are such persons who can do so, who can affirm law over party. But they are not likely anyone we voted for in the last election. Even if they are, they must at least understand that civil force and coercion are unlawful means to effect love for our neighbor.

Ultimately we must reject the idea that all problems are federal ones, all remedies are federal ones, and that our freedoms are all federally granted or dependant for their existence on the federal government. We must recall that men and women, marriage and family existed before any civil government and that the authority exercised by each in terms of self-government and matters pertaining to marriage and the family need no governmental authorization, regulation or funding. See God is no Caesar, Caesar is no God. We must reject the idea that the federal government is a safety net or is in the business of compassion. What divination has it conjured that we believe its lies so strongly? What an unshakable belief in need for our slavery this requires. Indeed, accepting the federal government on a scale ranging from savior at one end to the mere extension of my political party on the other can never lead to freedom.

While Republicans and Democrats talk about God and love and compassion, neither has lifted their finger to oppose the power of the federal government when it regulates and then curtails our unalienable rights and freedoms. In fact, security of our unalienable rights are completely incompatible with our current scheme of federal jurisdiction and power. Republicans and Democrats have actively amassed civil power in the federal government. Their willing, compliant and subsidized recipients in our state and local governments also help the federal bureaucrats strip away our unalienable and civil rights. They too are willing to receive stolen goods which in turn they lavish upon their local constituents and spend upon their local improvement projects in hopes that it will prove to the voters that they should be reelected. The Republicans claim: “If elected, I will not steal as much as my opponent, in the other party.” The Democrats claim: “If elected I will steal more than the other party because I am more compassionate.” Yet, it’s all theft at the end of the day. It is false compassion run amuck.

The continued existence of our federal government cannot be assumed and ought not be assured. It cannot be assumed if God, who gave those rights, is now being told by the federal government that His gift is void. It ought not be assured because the recipient of those rights, the American People, are being told that they may no longer enjoy them. Our governments, and in particular our federal government, must be measured in both the scale which weighs Nations according to their conformity to preexisting universal law, as well as the scale of law we call the law of the land, or the United States Constitution. Weighing it merely in the scale of partisan or bi-partisan party politics is no scale at all. It is a false weight and measure.


Apart from overcoming the human vices of lying, theft, and party idols, the People must also recognize that the Constitutional framers hoped that the People and their elected officials would also overcome the lust for power and respect the limitations Constitutionally- imposed upon their offices and power. The framers built a series of checks and balances into the Constitution that made it difficult for any one faction to seize control of the federal government. But not even these checks were sufficient to prevent the eventual collusion of the branches of government themselves with each other. The framers recognized that men were not angels. Perhaps they failed to sufficiently plan to keep elected men on the short leash with a strong chain.

Yet, the framers designed a limited national government in 1787 after a fight over retention of the Articles of Confederation. Perhaps the wiser course would have been to retain and revise the Articles, though human nature suggests that it too would have been deformed over time. In any event, the Constitution was established for this purpose: that federal power ought to be limited to a narrow field of jurisdiction, first according to the laws of the Creator, and second it ought to be strictly confined to the limited objects stated in the Constitution and none other. The chief purpose of such limited jurisdiction was this: that the national government so created should first, secure those few God-given and other rights, which were then enumerated, by way of exercising only those few express powers in Article 1, section 8, and second, in observing the limitations in section 9 and later in the Bill of Rights. This arrangement would leave to the States the bulk of the power and the duty to secure all such other rights, natural and civil, whether enumerated or yet to be enumerated in various State constitutions.

Having created a limited national government and defined its object and means within the boundaries of a written Constitution, the framers were careful to then define, limit and coordinate the powers of its three branches. Perhaps they were not careful enough. Or perhaps they relied on the hoped-for selflessness of those who followed and were elected, to observe the limitations the Constitution put in place. The Constitution itself created those limits. It created a Congress, the President and the Supreme Court. It extended those branches specific jurisdiction with very limited necessary and proper authority to implement that jurisdiction, and always with the goal of securing, rather than abridging, the rights of the People.

Yet, we have seen Congress swindle Americans into believing its power does not come from the Constitution, but rather is grounded it its own political will to do “the right thing” or “give the voters what they want.” In maintaining this charade, Congress has lawlessly taken power not given, and trampled down the God-given rights of the People. It has also gobbled up a jurisdiction which, by its nature, does not belong to any civil government. Congress has exercised power which is not even civil in nature, but rather falls within the exclusive province of ecclesiastical assemblies, voluntary associations, families, and individuals.15

It has also exercised a jurisdiction of compulsion over the minds and education of the People, which not even the Creator claims to impose, nor which He has shared with any man or set of men. Let us not forget what kind of power we are dealing with for purposes of comparison. When God stretches out His right hand, the earth opens and swallows people. When men stretch out their right hand, they often get a muscle cramp. Even the suggestion that political insiders could sit at God’s right hand is met with the blunt rebuttal: “You do not know what you are asking.” (Mark 10:38). So let us have no talk of this or that civil government as God’s agent on earth.

Presidential power is likewise grown to imperial and tyrannical proportions. As the Constitutionally limited power of Congress has expanded at the expense of the law of the land and the rights of the People, so too the scope of the President’s power has expanded to justify the lawless use of federal law. The President, no matter the political party he calls home, ceaselessly labors to expand the lawless pursuit of power which was never granted to any executive official. He also pretends that his power over the military forces of this country, somehow imbues him with a divine mandate to do whatsoever he desires in regard to foreign nations and foreign policy. It seems the American People may even approve of war-making as the hallmark of good government. The People refuse to obey the voice of the framers. To the Constitution’s limits on a standing Army and Navy they say “No.” They want a federal war machine that is greater than all the other nations, and a President who may rule us, go out before us and command our battles and invasions from the White House “situation” room. (1 Samuel 8:19.)

Adherence to the restraints on the use of that power laid down by our founders by this maxim: “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,” is no part of any recent President’s foreign policy creed. Entangling alliances are now built on force, violence, and political extortion. These are the only rule of our Presidents. The list of grievances against the King of England cited in our Declaration of Independence, grievances defining the King’s abridgment of our God-given rights and the liberties which we enjoyed as Englishmen and under our Charters are small potatoes when compared to the lawless escapades of our modern presidential monarchs. George W. Bush had his secret CIA kill list. Barack Obama has his not-so-secret list too, with the names of American citizens upon it. No need for a trial or a determination of guilt. Premeditated murder will do just fine. Indeed, the exercise of tyrannical power is not susceptible to a partisan analysis. “National security,” as invoked by both parties, is the most invoked Presidential con of all time justifying every federal evil under the sun.

Neither has the United States Supreme Court restrained an unconstitutional Congressional or the lawless Presidential expansion of “limited” Constitutional power. The Court has neglected the law of the land to such a degree that the Court no longer restrains even itself. Its opinions encroach upon the powers reserved to the States and the People. The United States Supreme Court is also meticulously oblivious to its Constitutional duty to secure the enumerated natural and civil rights of the people from Congressional alienation, balancing and manipulation. Instead, it has at times created, sanctioned and blessed these transgressions. It has not only refused to restrain the Congress and President to that small sphere of limited and well defined Constitutional power extended to those branches, but has itself usurped the mantle of Constitutional government.

For over fifty years, the Court has claimed its opinions, not the literal text of the Constitution, are the supreme law of the land. See Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1 (1958). It has opined that the other branches must bow down to its dictates concerning the Constitution’s purported meaning no matter what the text may say or the meaning of those who drafted it or first ratified it. It has crowned itself the living Constitution and made itself the creator of the rights of the People. The “rights” to abortion and sodomy are just the tip of the iceberg.16 It judges not by the rule of law, but by its own extra-constitutional balancing test fundamental rights deserve strict scrutiny and a least-restrictive means test, non-fundamental ones deserve intermediate scrutiny or a rational basis review. The Court has just made up these “standards.” The individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms must limp along with whatever standard a lower court chooses.

Commerce is what the Court says it is. The Acts of Congress regulating every manner of commerce are even judicially presumed Constitutional! The power to tax now includes the power to punish failure to act including the failure to purchase government approved, regulated and controlled heath insurance. The power to spend has become unlimited. The federal police power exists and may be expanded, though Constitutionally unwritten. These are “standards” the Court has concocted and by which it controls our national destiny and enslaves us.17 Like a cage full of birds, our federal courts are full of Constitutional deceit. Our federal Justices have become great and rich. They know no bounds in deeds of Constitutional evil. They judge not with justice the cause of Constitutional rights or limited power, and they do not defend the rights of those oppressed by our federal regulatory and prosecutorial agencies. Our federal Judges instead have lunch with regulators and prosecutors.


Thus, a national vice vexes us: Congress has elevated its will to become the rule of law. Multiple Presidents have elevated their will to become the law of all nations. The Court has elevated its will to become the law of the land. “The spirit of lawlessness is in their mouth, the deeds of usurpation in their right hand.” (Psalm 144:8.) Yet, we say: “God bless America.” Even Balaam’s donkey recognized threats to human life better than we do.

The result of this self glorified and often televised lawlessness, as we have said, is that the government of the United States is now the greatest threat to the security of our God-given unalienable rights, and of the reserved power of the States and the People. It is the greatest destructive force to the security of those rights and power because it is no longer restrained or limited by the law of the land, the rule of law or by the law of God Almighty. How wise can that be? For the practical atheist, how practical can that be?

But what are we to do about this lawlessness of Congress, the President and the Court? What about reform? What about electing good people? Maybe we need a new party or a federal Commission to study the problem? How about doing nothing and hope all will be well under Pharaoh’s hand? Besides, you never heard any of this at school or in your religious assembly. It can’t be too important can it? Look at the freedoms we do have. We have cable TV. We have pornography. We have mail order prescription drugs and medical marijuana. We have 24 hour sports. We have beer. We have background checks. We have our monthly government entitlement check. We have federally guaranteed mortgaged homes and government controlled schools. What more do we need? Do we need freedom? Do we need liberty? Do we really want this slavery? I say to my soul, “Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry.” Yet, this will not do. A Congress of States must show the way.

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