Constitution: Organizing Principles

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  1.   America’s Heritage: Constitutional Liberty:
    1.   Introduction
    2.   Law and America’s Constitutions
    3.   Covenant and Constitutions
    4.   A Common People, A Common Law
    5.   A Federal Republic
    6.   Separation of Civil Powers
    7.   Legislative and Executive Powers
    8.   Judicial Power & Judicial Review
    9.   Taxing & Spending
    10.   Jurisdiction and Liberty
    11.   Reclaiming Dominion
    12.   A Righteous Example
    13.   Restoring the Rule of Law
    14.   A Covenant People
  2.   Civil Government: Its True Human Origin, Limited Jurisdiction & Application to American Government
    1.   PART 1: CIVIL GOVERNMENT: A Biblical Examination of Its True Human Origin and Limited Jurisdiction
    2.   Ch. 1. What is the True Origin and Jurisdiction of Civil Government?
    3.   Ch. 2. What Was The First Government God Instituted?
    4.   Ch. 3. Did Family Government Fail to Govern Mankind Before the Flood?
    5.   Ch. 4. What is Right and Wrong? Who Has God Given Enforcement Authority?
    6.   Ch. 5. What Do Languages and Nations Have to Do with Family?
    7.   Ch. 6. Why is Abraham’s Covenant of Nations, Kings and Specific Land Not a Model for the Nations?
    8.   Ch. 7. Why was Moses not a King or Supreme Judge, but a Ruler and Redeemer by God’s Design?
    9.   Ch. 8. Was God the King of Israel by His Command or the People’s Consent?
    10.   Ch. 9. Why Did God send Judges to Israel?
    11.   Ch. 10. What Advice Does God Give to Limit Our Civil Governments?
    12.   Ch. 11. Do We Love Kings that Love War?
    13.   Ch. 12. The End of Kings, but not Lawless Kingdoms?
    14.   Ch. 13. What Evils Plague The Nations?
    15.   Ch. 14. Are Civil Governments of Human or Divine Origin?
    16.   Ch. 15. Is Every Government under God, in a Jurisdictional Sense?
    17.   PART 2: AMERICAN GOVERNMENT According To The Bible, The Declaration Of Independence and The Constitution
    18.   Ch. 16. Does the Declaration of Independence Respect God’s Authority over Nations?
    19.   Ch. 17. Does the Declaration Express the Law of Nature of Equality?
    20.   Ch. 18. Does the Declaration Express the Law of Nature of Unalienable Rights?
    21.   Ch. 19. Does the Declaration Express the Law of Nature of Consent?
    22.   Ch. 20. Does the Declaration Express the Law of Nature of Altering or Abolishing a Civil Government?
    23.   Ch. 21. Does the Declaration Express the Law of Nature regarding Organization Of Governmental Powers?
    24.   Ch. 22. How Are Declarations of Independence Viewed by God?
    25.   Ch. 23. What Actions of Civil Government are Predictable According to The Laws Of Nature’s God?
    26.   Ch. 24. Are the Declaration’s Grievances Found in the Laws of Nature’s God?
    27.   Conclusion