The Elements of Moral Science (1835, 1856 ed.)

Francis Wayland


Love to God, or Piety

IN the preceding pages it has been my design to illustrate the moral constitution of man, and to point out the sources from which that truth emanates, which is addressed to his moral constitution. My design in the present book is, to classify and explain some of the principal moral laws under which God has placed us in our present state. We shall derive these laws from natural or from revealed religion, or from both, as may be most convenient for our purpose.

The Scriptures declare that the whole moral law is contained in the single word LOVE.

The beings to whom man is related in his present state, are, so far as this subject is concerned, God his Creator, and man his fellow-creature. Hence the moral obligations of men are of two kinds; first, LOVE TO GOD, or PIETY; second, LOVE TO MAN, or MORALITY.

This book will, therefore, be divided into two parts, in which those two subjects will be treated of in their order.