The Elements of Moral Science (1835, 1856 ed.)

Francis Wayland


The Holy Scriptures

THIS would seem to be the place in which to present the proof of the authenticity of the Holy Scriptures, as, revelation from God. This, however, being only a particular exemplification of the general laws of evidence, it belongs to the course of instruction in Intellectual Philosophy. It must therefore be here omitted. We shall, in the remainder of these remarks, take it for granted, that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament contain a revelation from God to man, and that these books contain all that God has been pleased to reveal unto us by language; and, therefore, all which is recorded in language that is ultimate in morals, and that is, by its own authority, binding upon the conscience. Taking this for granted, we shall in the present chapter consider, 1st, what the Scriptures contain; and, 2d, how we may ascertain our duty from the Scriptures.