How Your Family Can Change The World In Seven Days

by Kerry Lee Morgan


God created the family shortly after creation. He charged it with bearing and rearing children in the context of marriage. He provided the husband and wife with the means to survive and perpetuate themselves by granting to them land, plants, food and animals. He charged them with the education and upbringing of their children, oversight of their health and care, and dominion over the land for their use, enjoyment, and sustenance. He further obliged them to obey His laws, love Him and love their neighbor as themselves. These are the duties every person owes to the Creator without regard to any religious belief, nationality, or era.

American civil governments, both state and federal, have effectively destroyed this vision of the family, its meaning and purpose. It has arrogated unto itself the authority to redefine family, blur genders, usurp education, control property, corrupt the food supply, control medicine, impose lockdowns and vaccinations, and reject the law of God as well as His authority over civil government itself.

But civil government is not alone in this destruction. The medical profession and government control of education have accomplished the same result. A typical college education produces an explicit love of practical atheism. Pro-family churches have redefined the family as an extension of its ministry and how “you can serve,” rather than honoring the family’s independent authority established by God at creation, 4,033 years before the Church was established. Many American corporations have embraced wokeness, if not anti-Christian animus, leading to disregard of the consumer and their own employees.

The question then becomes what can the average American family do about this? What can your family do about all this, assuming you see the need?

Would your family consider the following to change the world in seven days? We are not talking about political action or writing your Congressional representative. We are not talking about trying to change other people’s views. There is a place for that, but that is not what we are talking about here.

We are talking about doing what is lawful and already in the power of every family to do without anyone’s approval. We are talking about breaking out of the educational, religious, political, and business matrix we voluntarily have created that has incapacitated your family and my family, contrary to that which God intended. We are talking about the exercise of choices that every family can make this week if it cares about God’s purpose for families.


It’s Sunday morning, the first day of the week. Set aside time to lay out your battle plan for the week. Ask God what you should do and while waiting for His answer commit to the following that which He has already told you He wants your family to do. What has He told you to do about education? Leave it to the government or control it yourself? What has He told you about church? If you’re not being equipped to change yourself, you’re not being equipped to change the world. How about your job you’re going to go to this week? Gotta keep a low profile about your religion? Maybe attend a woke meeting? What’s God telling you about all that mail you get through the week from good political and religious causes seeking your money? It’s past high noon. You should’ve thought of these things 20 years ago, but “no one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”


On Monday morning, don’t send your children to a government-controlled school. Don’t send them to public school. Don’t send them to a charter school. Don’t send them to a Christian school that teaches the state approved curriculum alongside its religious views. Begin to educate them at home. Write a letter to the school principal stating that your son or daughter will no longer be attending school because you have elected to educate them at home. If you don’t know a lawyer, find one that understands school law in your state. The big picture is this: God gave children to you and it’s your responsibility to educate them.

The state claims that God is not relevant because the state owns all the children, and your responsibility is to send them to the state to be educated in the state’s worldview. The state’s worldview is based on atheism. Your worldview should be based on theism. That means you should be teaching your children God’s point of view regarding every subject they need to know. You should also be teaching your children how to make a living and pursue some useful occupation or vocation or profession. You should be teaching your children about the duties of a husband and the duties of a wife, and our duties to God and to our neighbor.

If you as a parent will not do these things, then you are rejecting what God has already commanded. Don’t let the school board tell you what to do. Don’t let your church tell you what to do. Don’t let your neighbors tell you what to do. Tell them to mind their own business. Most importantly, don’t let other family members who may be teachers in a public school (a school committed to imposing practical atheism) tell you what to do. If they don’t support you, that is OK. You can live with it. If they oppose you, wish them well, be done with them, or just let them know they can keep their opinions to themselves about your children and your duties to your God.

They will want to talk about socialization. They think children are socialized that only know children their age and can only talk to children their age and in their own grade. You must show them some grace because they’re ignorant. Yes, they’re ignorant because they have no clue what home education, parent-controlled education is all about. Maybe you don’t either, but you can learn. They didn’t get out of bed this morning and say: “I have no clue.” It’s just the way they are raised up. Yes, we might be talking about your mother-in-law. Yes, we might be talking about your sister or your brother. But explaining your conviction to them is a lot easier than explaining your excuse to God.

The biggest objection you may float in not following God’s direction is that both you and your spouse work outside of the home, and thus you “can’t” educate your little cherubs. Let me translate this: God’s priorities for your children are not your priorities. Your priorities are to live well and sacrifice your children’s education, their mind and their body to the government’s control and to practical atheism. What you are teaching your children is this: God does not matter. If you want to change the world you need to oversee the education of your own children directly. If you don’t want to change the world just keep doing what you’re doing but don’t expect the world to improve because your actions say otherwise.

Another objection is the single mother. The single mom must work and therefore cannot educate her children during the day. Assume the worst-case scenario. No alimony. No child support. Even so, it’s not an either/or proposition. Your duty to God is to find time to educate your children. Your duty to God is to labor. God did not command both as either-or propositions. You need to organize your schedule in such a way that you can fulfill both objects–labor and education. That means a lot of things will have to be sacrificed along the way. But sacrifices are necessary to change the world and change your life. If this is too hard, then complain to God about why He is so unreasonable to require you to educate the children He gave you and also work for a living.

If you survived Monday and are not completely offended, then let’s move to Tuesday. Or you can just say “this is so unreasonable; I can’t believe it. I’m not going to read anymore.” Okay, we guess the cultural status quo is a good thing in your eyes. Why get all upset? Get back to something meaningful like multi-millionaires playing games with balls in taxpayer subsidized arenas.


It’s Tuesday morning. Time for more change. Are you ready? Let’s talk about your church and your pastor, or your religious assembly and your spiritual leader. Let’s face facts. Your pastor and the people at church are probably nice people. Lets agree they are and you are too. They may encourage you and they may help you. But what are you learning? You’ve been there ten years. Can you recall a sermon or two? More importantly, are you renewing your mind? Is your church telling you about your duties to God which He established at creation? Not sure? That’s a colossal failure. That’s inexcusable. Is it educating you about your duty to educate your own children? Have you ever heard a sermon on the duty of a parent to educate their children? If you haven’t, then your pastor is weak. He’s a nice guy but he is weak. Your pastor may be sympathetic to you privately, but publicly he will not stand up for this Biblical truth. There may be many reasons for that. None of them are good. God doesn’t believe any of them. Why should you? Your pastor may fear the public-school teachers who attend your church. He can’t lose their financial support. He has cast his die. But it doesn’t matter.

The point is that his character is adolescent and he’s not a spiritual leader for you and your family. He’s kept you ignorant and kept you in the dark. Again, he may be a nice guy. He probably is a nice guy. But he’s not a good pastor because he doesn’t exegete the whole word of God. He failed to address something so fundamental as the purpose God has for the family. And yet you keep going there to hear the same pablum? You have been living on a weekly dose of infant formula and you didn’t even know it. Does he have a milk ministry and not even know it? Maybe your pastor doesn’t think the people are ready for meat because they’ve only been going there a dozen years? Is that your pastor’s attitude? Maybe meat leads to division. That’s what he fears.

Now wait, you say: “Your way too hard on pastors, I’ve been on the meat of the word.” Oh really, what are the top three Biblical principles of civil government? What of the top three principles of law according to God? What are the top three principles of the duties we owe to God which we call inalienable rights? What is the first kingdom mentioned in the Bible and what does it say about who set it up and why and what authority it had. Heard any sermons about John the Baptist’s criticism of the governor? Does your church even recognize that Western civilization is collapsing? Does he think the church will escape the judgment? We daresay if you asked your pastor, that would be a very short discussion.

If we are wrong about all this, then you’re all set. Don’t give it a second thought.

Maybe you haven’t been to church in a while since they’ve closed their doors because of the COVID 19 pandemic? They obeyed Caesar. They concluded you were too stupid to decide the risk of exposure yourself. They made it for you. Don’t come here on Sunday. Praise the Lord you were free from mediocre teaching for a few months. They let fear get the best of them. The elders said the lockdowns and social distancing and the mercury laden experimental vaccine was “God’s will.” Did they also claim you didn’t love your neighbor with the mask and the vaccine? You were killing people? Is safe and effective? If they were so clueless, naïve, gullible or plain disciples of Dr. Anthony Fauci concerning these basic things, why would you seek their spiritual direction? Are you really going to keep following these blind guides? They lack discernment.

But you’re being fed. You are growing. Has your pastoral staff ever given a sermon about God’s view of civil government? Has he ever given a sermon about God’s view of law? Has he ever given a sermon about God’s view of political parties? Or instead has he made statements that he does not want to politicize the gospel and therefore will not be commenting on the election or government. In other words, the collapse of Western civilization and the rejection of God and Christian morality is none of his concern or interest.

He is a falsely pietistic pastor. He talks only about evangelism and salvation. He talks only about personal piety and prayer. He will not engage about public issues or discuss God’s view of anything other than religion. He is a nice guy. You like him. He smiles. He thanks you for coming to church. He thanks you for giving financially to his ministry. You have not renewed your thinking about any of these subjects because he is ignorant of them himself. He has not shown any interest in rocking the boat. He does not realize the boat has already sunk and we are all drowning in a cultural cesspool which he claims is beneath God’s interests. You can’t go to this church expecting he may stumble into the truth one day.

Now wait a minute you say. Your pastor is not like that. Your church isn’t like that. You are all politically active. You’ve heard endless sermons about how we should love our neighbor. You’ve heard sermons about compassion. You’ve heard sermons about helping the poor and the needy and the downtrodden. And how does it all translate into political action? It means that we should use the civil government to compel people to pay taxes which are redistributed to our preferred charities. It means using force and coercion against our neighbors and ourselves to give to those who are needy. It means employing the engine of civil polity, of civil force and violence, if needed, against people who don’t pay their taxes. It means use of the jailhouse, the bayonet and the machine gun against your brothers and sisters who don’t want to give to the causes you think are good and are also denied the comfortable liberty of freely giving to those causes and persons who they would otherwise support.

That’s the kind gospel you have been taught. The gospel of violence. The gospel of force. The gospel of coercion. Can we get an Amen? Friend, God doesn’t need to use force and coercion, the tax system, and governmental grants in order to help you love your neighbor. He doesn’t want that. If you think that God needs civil force and coercion to advance His kingdom, then you don’t know the Creator. You know your party and you know your party leaders, but the Creator is far from you.

If your pastor never told you that the force and the power of the state should not be employed as an engine or vehicle of compassion or love, then you need to get out of that church. If you think you have been doing good all this time voting for candidates that will take more of your neighbor’s money and give it to you and others you think deserving, then you need to get out of that church. If you think elections are merely advanced auctions on stolen goods and this is a good thing, and there may not be much hope for you to escape the matrix. That church is bent on using the engine of civil polity to effectuate the purposes of the gospel. Love is not built on force, and love is not built on violence. It is not built on coercion and on governmental action, and friends like it or not, the government is all about the use of force and coercion. Don’t let that nonsense about compassionate conservatism fool you. Compassionate conservatism is built on force, coercion, and the handgun.

What to do? You want to change the world or not? It’s Tuesday morning, time to write your pastor an email or letter.

“Dear Pastor, I want to thank you for all the support you’ve shown to me and my family over the years. However, we can no longer attend your church. I believe God commands parents to educate their own children. I believe God commands us to put all of life and all of life equally under the Scriptures. I believe discipleship includes thinking about politics, political activism, and elections, from God’s point of view. I believe that God wants us to renew our mind regarding all matters of life not just religious thought and belief, not just evangelism and Pietism, and not just soul winning. After attending the church for some time, I realized my beliefs are not your beliefs. We will look for a church that believes in the whole counsel of God and not the idolatry of evangelism or the cult of using force and violence as a means of furthering God’s will regarding loving our neighbor. I’m keeping my tithes and offerings and spending them on something more valuable than your ministry. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerely yours.”


Did you pull your kids out of the government school? Did you write that letter to your pastor? You are not going to be very popular. People are going to start praying that you get out of the cult or whatever demon is controlling you. You’re going to be attacked. And it’s only Wednesday.

It’s been a busy week. You still want to change the world? Probably not. Your kids, are they still in a government-controlled school? Still going to the church that keeps you happy and ignorant? Well, here is something easier. Maybe you can only take baby steps? Sure, it makes sense, your pastor has had you on spiritual pablum for years. None of your friends talk like this so it can’t be true.

Let’s talk about voting. Like most Americans you either voted Democrat or you voted Republican your entire life. Or in the alternative, you simply don’t vote because you never bothered to register to vote. On the off chance, you might’ve voted Libertarian or the Constitution Party, but probably rarely or never for the Green party. You don’t really give politics too much thought, but you do believe it’s your duty to vote. You look at the Christian voter guides at your church and they tell you what political party favorites to vote for. Have you realized your local or state Christian action organizations are just religious auxiliaries of the Republican or Democratic party? The pro-family organizations in the pro-Christian education organizations are probably in bed with the party apparatchiks.

If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, you probably have six or seven presidential elections under your belt, and you’ve consistently voted for the party you think will do the best job. Actually, you have probably voted for the lesser of two evils, not really enthusiastic about your candidate but fearful that the other candidate is worse. This is your guiding principle of voting: vote for the one who will harm me the least provided he or she is a Democrat or Republican.

It’s time to write another letter.

“Dear party: I want to let you know that I voted consistently for your nominees since I was old enough to vote. However, this coming election I will not vote for candidates according to party. I will vote for candidates according to whether their views align with the Constitution. Since your party’s candidates have not ever aligned with the Constitution during my lifetime, I regret I will not be able to vote for them either. Until your party changes its platform and commits to the Constitution and its emphasis on a federal government of limited and enumerated powers, and a state government that respects the unalienable God-given rights of the people, I will not vote for any of your candidates.

Moreover, last time your party was in power it increased the size of the civil government and further suppressed my rights. It also tried to bribe me with tax incentives to vote, which I fell for to my shame. I decided to turn over a new leaf. I will not vote for the lesser of two evil candidates. Please stop sending me campaign literature. I will now vote only for individual candidates and their commitment to the Constitution, and I’ll no longer give money to any political party including yours. I’m keeping my money and spending it on other things that are more valuable like my family, which you keep passing laws to control and criminalize. Sincerely yours.”

Remember we’re talking about voting. If you want to be active in the political party and try to change it from within that’s fine, but voting is where the rubber meets the road. All right now that really wasn’t such a hard letter to write. Admittedly it was kind of fun. Of course, nobody will know whether you actually follow through, but at least you took a stand.


The week is flying by. It’s Thursday morning. If you’re like most Americans, you have a cell phone in which you get news blogs. You may also even watch television and listen to the network news or talk radio. When you feel guilty you will switch over to the Christian station and listen to a mediocre sermon or two on the subject which you heard many times before. Friend, you have e-addiction. You’ve got to break free from your phone. You have got to stop carrying it everywhere. You pay the phone bill. The phone is for your convenience. You answer it when its convenient for you, not when it’s convenient for the caller or texter. You got along just fine for most of your life without it. I’m not talking about business use of the phone. I’m talking about personal phones and personal use. You’ve got to get it under control. Can you limit use to what’s really important, and if you’re going to entertain yourself, at least limit the amount of time you do so.

You have got to control all of this. It’s called self-control. It’s called self-government. God made you to govern yourself, not to be governed by electrical devices. You shouldn’t be governed by flashing lights and an endless stream of 15 second funny videos of cats and dogs. If you must binge on Netflix, at least don’t do it every night. Are we saying technology is bad? No. We are saying lack of self-control is bad.

If you’re going to read something to be informed, you must select a source that you have confidence in as accurate and trustworthy, not just whatever pops up on your phone. Pick one or two sources, subscribe to them, and eliminate everything else. Your phone and media and radio and TV and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter accounts are consuming your time. You don’t have time to throw away keeping up with these things. These are the baubles of entertainment, not a way of life.

If you want to be informed, find just a few true hard-hitting informational sources. If you just go with the flow or feed on a daily dose provided by your email service, you are wasting time you do not have. You are living in a dream world created by fake media. You can’t change the real world if you’re living in a dream world, and if you think the dream world is reality. You must get out of the media matrix, and you must get into the real world, the one that God made, He governs and superintends, as is understood and seen from His point of view. No law says you have to own or look at a cell phone 24 hours a day, but you have made it your master while it should be nothing more than your servant.


Perhaps you’ve done none of the items suggested. That’s okay, you’re the kind of person that waits and sees. This brings us to Friday. Let’s talk about your employment. You had another week of it. Is this working out or not? You really want to change the world? Many Americans suffer through the day with a woke employer. If you’re in the Academy or an educational setting, the brutality of diversity, equity, and inclusion is an all-encompassing anti-Christian worldview. It is overwhelming and saturates everything.

If you’re in a big company that’s adopted a woke agenda, you’re confronted with this anti-Christian anti-theistic worldview daily. You may justify yourself because you make enough money, you’re comfortable, or this is really what you like to do, but is your mind being dulled every day and your vision being impaired so that you more and more become unable to see the world from God’s point of view? You will have to make some hard choices. You’re probably living beyond your means and have become dependent on your income. You think you can hide under the radar, but it’s only a matter time before your employer or your co-workers discover your hidden Christianity, that is, your religion that you conceal at the office to survive.

Perhaps this is a way of survival and that’s the best you can do. Okay fine that’s good enough. But if it’s not for you and you’re really the only one that has to answer to the Almighty for the gifts and talents he’s given you and whether you’re using them despite your employer’s anti-Christian focus, then maybe change is unnecessary. You’ve got to decide. No one can decide for you.

But if you’re going to make a change, try to find a job with people that like you, and you like them, and you share a common set of assumptions about the way the world should work. If it means less money, it means less money. But what’s more important, your ability to see the world from God’s point of view without being daily attacked or assaulted, or more money? Will God be impressed when He sets up his millennial kingdom and asks you about the trade-off?

Remember God gave certain talents to each person. God says if you don’t use your talents in this life, He will take them away in the next life. If you use your talents in this life, He will increase them in the next life. If you’re not using your talents, your skills, and the things you’re good at in your current job, then in the next life it’s going to be even worse. If you are using your talents and skills and things you do well in this life, then in the next life it’s going to be better.

When we talk about the next life, we are talking about the millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ over the whole earth lasting a thousand years. In this Kingdom, you as a Christian will exist with a renewed body incapable of being corrupted, bribed, manipulated, or remaining willfully naïve as the current case may be. The choices you make now regarding your talents, gifts and abilities as expressed in employment in this life, will have a lot to do with employment in the next. Yes, employment in the next life is what we’re talking about.

If Jesus Christ is going to run a worldwide governmental organization directly governing Israel as their King by virtue of his genealogy from King David, and also govern the other nations of the earth pursuant to a treaty (we speculate) ratified after Armageddon, then He is going to look through the job resumes of his followers, either survivors or once dead and now alive, and try to find people that used their talents that He gave them in this life, for job assignments in the next life. You must think of current employment this way. If you don’t see it this way, then you’re not thinking about your employment from a Biblical point of view.


Finally, we come to Saturday. Let’s discuss volunteering. Do you volunteer for community service? Do you volunteer at your local church? You should really think about reducing your volunteer activity and spending more time with your own family and the education of your children. You need to recover your children’s lives and their minds first. Instead of volunteering you could also actually help your parents or at least talk to them and see how they’re doing. You could visit them if they are nearby. You can still appreciate your family and not just yourself. It’s not against the law, yet. They are not confined to a state approved death center like the one they might have been forcibly confined to during the lockdown, at least not yet. Time is shorter than we think. If you’re not in contact with your parents or siblings or children, then your Christianity is probably not worth very much.

If every family in the United States changed themselves this next week based on the outline above, the world would be changed. If half the Christian families in the United States did so, the same result. If one out of 10 Christian families did so it would send shockwaves through the establishment. Why? Because the family is designed by God and still has the greatest power on earth to change the world. Take stock of all the people and things dragging you down to mediocrity, failure and dependance. We need a fresh look at our government-controlled school, our church and pastor, our political party and voting habits, our cell phone and media activity, our woke employer, investing our talents, and our love of wasting time we do not have.


*     Copyright © 2023 Kerry Lee Morgan. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Kerry Lee Morgan is an Attorney, admitted to practice in Michigan, Virginia, the District of Columbia as well as the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court. He served with the United States Commission on Civil Rights in Washington D.C. Mr. Morgan has written a number of thought-provoking articles in the areas of natural law and unalienable rights.