In Praise of Our Gov’nor
(Ode to Gretchen Whitmer)

by Gerald R. Thompson

In praise of our Gov’nor, Blessed is she
Who graces us daily with another decree,
We serve at her pleasure, so saintly is she,
Who protects us from having our own liberty.
Incapable of self-governing, We
Will always need an overlord – She.
With outstretched arm and insistent guiding,
We’re never far from her constant chiding
Deciding who is, and is not essential,
Won’t let just anyone live up to potential.
And though her intentions may seem quite quixotic,
She can’t help herself, but is merely despotic.

In praise of our Gov’nor, infamously
Defender of the Faith and humanity,
She clothes herself most righteously,
Deciding who shall, and shall not be free.
Claiming great powers that never shall be
Conferred on her constitutionally.
Lawgiver Supreme will be her new crown,
Until the Almighty sends her way, way down.
Her motives are pure, of that we are sure,
Whatever the cost, she herself is the cure.
And while her decisions are almost robotic,
She can’t help herself, but is merely despotic.

In praise of our Gov’nor, no partisan she,
Ignores all our freedoms, with equality.
Republicans, Democrats all toe the line,
Just do it her way, or pay a big fine.
All you Doomsayers, stop making a fuss-
Do you really think this is all about us?
Think of our Gov’nor, who’s having much fun
For this is all just a first practice run!
“Waste not a crisis,” is Her motto now,
Get ready for next time, and she’ll show us how.
Her purpose is clear, her plan is methodic,
She can’t help herself, but is merely despotic.


*     Copyright 2020 Gerald R. Thompson. All rights reserved. Used by permission.