Church Government

(Links to be activated as topics are developed. This is a work in progress.)

  1.   The Gospel Of The Kingdom
    1.   No Gospel Without the Kingdom / What Is the Kingdom of God?
    2.   The Gospel of the Kingdom, Which Is Not the Church
    3.   Transition From Church to Kingdom / Working for the Kingdom
  2.   The Last Kingdom On Earth
    1.   Law of the Land, Of Pandemics & Global Warming
    2.   Sin Debt Problem, Renewal of the Earth
    3.   Rebirth of Israel & the Saints, The Last Kingdom
  3.   The Kingdom of Darkness
    1.   The Nature and Progress of the Kingdom of Darkness
    2.   Spiritual Warfare and the Devil Needs More Pawns
    3.   Secret Societies, the Cult of Submission and Minions
  4.   The Israelification of the Church and False Traditions We Cling To
    1.   Distinguishing Israel From the Church
    2.   False Church Traditions We Cling To
    3.   Intentional Corruption of Church Practices
  5.   Five Biblical Principles of Church Government
    1.   The Diffusion Principle of Authority
    2.   Priesthoods, Clergy & Spiritual Authority
    3.   Church as Institution, Association & Corporation
    4.   The Visible Church in Real Life
    5.   The Office of Pastor; Religious Corruption
  6.   The Kingdom and Civil Government of God
    1.   What Is the Kingdom of Heaven
    2.   The Kingdoms of Heaven in World History
    3.   Preparing for the Kingdom and Government of God
  7.   A Call to Reclaim Church Government – A Manifesto
  8.   Tithing & The Law of God
    1.   Origin & Purpose Of The Tithe
    2.   It’s Time To Bury The Tithe
  9.   The Great Commission and God’s Law
    1.   Biblical Context of the Commission
    2.   God’s Law For All Nations
    3.   Evangelism Misconstrued
  10.   The Biblical Genealogies
    1.   LONANG Law of Inheritance
    2.   Who Jesus Is & The Virgin Birth
  11.   A Biblical Worldview Primer
    1.   Part 1: Creation Laws: The Laws of Nature: The Lex Non Scripta
    2.   Part 2: Human Conscience: Moral Awareness
    3.   Part 3: Jesus Christ: The Living Word: Christology 101
    4.   Part 4A: Bible as Law: The Divine Covenants: The Revealed Law
    5.   Part 4B: Bible as Government: Four Great Commands: God’s Laws of Authority
    6.   Part 5: A Biblical Worldview: Putting It All Together
  12.   Law and Religion – Reclaimed!
    1.   The Big Picture
    2.   Knowing God’s Will
    3.   A Biblical Worldview
    4.   Christian Legal Follies