Family Government

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. . . . So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. . . . God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
(Genesis 1:1,27,31a)

Big Idea: The family has a mission and purpose which no other social institution can fulfill. To deconstruct the family is to desconstruct all of human society.

The modern family has been shackled to a great myth, like a felon chained to an iron ball. This Myth of Irrelevance holds that anything a family can do, may be done as well or better by individuals, private organizations, or government. Mythology contends that schools can educate children better than families, public charity is best handled by nonprofit groups, and everything, so it seems, requires government regulation or funding. According to the Myth, it is absurd to think that a family has the right to do things no one else can. The Myth of Irrelevance, however, is a great lie.

In reality, every family has a divine mission which no one else can fulfill. The widespread failure to recognize this fact leads to a kind of institutional identity crisis. People are searching for family purpose. It is not enough that families can do what other groups in society can. Unless the family has some truly unique purpose, which only it can fulfill, there is no reason for families to exist apart from mere convenience. Until this unique family purpose is reclaimed, families will remain shackled to the Myth.

To restore the family to its rightful place in society, we must be willing to reconsider conventional wisdom about some social issues. Matters usually considered only in social, political, legal or economic terms need to be thought about in terms of the family. Private actions and public policies which in reality hurt families have often been portrayed as beneficial. Unfortunately, many people are content to simply accept public images and slogans which have been created for that very reason. Yet, only by thinking differently about social issues and the family, will people change their actions and policies. The greatest barrier to family restoration is the unwillingness to look beyond contrived images in order to find real truth.

The full range of social issues which are directly related to family purpose covers much more than interpersonal relationships. The family’s structure is directly related to its purpose. Indeed, the roles of all social institutions are determined, in large part, by a reference to purpose. There are two main purposes for the family. The first half of the family’s mission relates to the bearing of children, their care, discipline and education. The second half of each family’s mission concerns earthly dominion, including property, contract, labor and work, and economics. Further, family purpose, if it is at all valuable, must be protected and defended. Many of the social issues implicated by this perspective on family purpose will be explored later.

The root cause for much of the family breakdown and erosion of family purpose in society should not be a mystery. The Myth of Irrelevance did not arise by mere chance, but is a direct result of a world view based upon evolution, in particular, legal evolution. From an evolutionary perspective, there are no social absolutes (unchanging laws), but only traditions, customs or conventions which constantly change. Family purpose, government power, and individual freedom all are subject to revision, in whole or in part, by legislative or judicial whim. An increased acceptance of this kind of thinking inevitably leads to family breakdown. Unfortunately, many who oppose evolution in a biological context often have capitulated to evolutionary thinking in a legal context. Thus, even anti-evolutionists have failed to adequately address many social issues affecting families.

Only a world view based on creation, as applied to legal issues, has any hope of reclaiming family purpose. Indeed, apart from a perspective which recognizes social absolutes which do not change according to time, place or person (fixed, uniform and universal laws), there is nothing to reclaim. If there is no objective reality which includes unchanging rules of social behavior and family purpose, there exists no standard by which current practices and policies can be measured. Apart from a world view based on creation, everything is merely a matter of opinion, and nothing is truly right or wrong.

The key to family restoration is to return to basic concepts regarding what a family is, why it exists, and what it is supposed to do. Central to these concepts is an understanding that the family was created by God, not by men. God’s unchanging purpose for the family is to be fruitful, fill the earth, subdue the earth, and rule over every living thing. In short, the family is the means by which people dominate the world. Nothing could be more relevant to our lives than the fulfillment of family purpose. It is the evolutionary view of law, not the family, which is truly irrelevant.

In the light of the family’s great purpose, it is staggering to think that anyone could regard the family as socially irrelevant. Sadly, over the years, the Myth of Irrelevance has sapped the vitality of countless families. Yet, the destruction of the family institution is not inevitable. We have the key to our own chains at hand. Let all who profess a Creator live out this reality with their families. Let all who deny creation realize that evolution brings the family only despair, not promise. Let every family be free to fulfill the purpose for which it was intended. May you and your children be free to be a family!