John Leland Supports James Madison

Individual Self-Government

  1. Every individual is created subject to lonang

    1. The concept of the common law

      1. What laws are truly common? What is common law? The law of nature
      2. Individual authority: the “greatest commandment.”
      3. The foundation of the individual as a creation of God with legal rights
    2. Every individual is created to be self-governing.
      1. A moral actor
      2. The law of our being
      3. Individual responsibility
    3. Every individual is created subject to authority
      1. The Legal Freeman
      2. Anarchy
      3. Libertarianism
  2. Legal rights and responsibilities are inherently individual
    1. Rights to One’s Person

      1. Life
      2. Liberty
      3. Privacy
    2. Moral Rights and Liberty
      1. Freedom of the Mind
      2. Freedom of Expression
      3. Freedom of Association
    3. The Pursuit of Happiness (Economic Rights and Liberty)
      1. Dominion and Property
      2. Contract
      3. Labor and Industry
    4. Rights and Responsibilities for Actions
      1. Criminal responsibility
      2. Civil responsibility (torts)
      3. Limitations on liability
      4. Punishment and Restitution
  3. The inevitable tendency towards lawlessness
    1. The corruption of the body
    2. The corruption of reason
    3. The corruption of behavior